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Coming out on top in a competition comprised of the industry’s best was a tribute to our outstanding level of service, style, superb quality of work, and unparalleled allegiance to our craft.

With our unique style and focus on commitment, we take great pride in assuring ourselves to stay on top of the ever changing marketplace by delivering the most kutting-edge designs and products to our loyal customers.

Our mission is to offer the ultimate satisfaction to our clientele by challenging ourselves in providing the sufficient time and energy required on every bike that we have the pleasure of working on. Throughout the years, Kutthroat Kustoms has become the benchmark of the industry without ever losing the personalized aspect on which the company was founded on.

You are cordially invited to share our prized collection of work as we dedicate ourselves to a future of commitment and excellence.

We continue to strive to make this business better and build bikes and parts that everyone loves!

“Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, says Randy.  I’m especially grateful for my brothers and all their hard work and efforts in building our company.  I’m also grateful for the support of family and friends and fans of Kutthroat Kustoms.”  We appreciate your continued love and support throughout the future.  Keep rippin’ around on your bikes and enjoying life….

- Your friends at Kutthroat Kustoms

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